By obtaining Schlitterbahn WaterParks Coupons, you can save money on your next visit to any of Schlitterbahn’s popular water parks during the summer months. You can get great discounts in the form of buy one and get one free and also many other coupons like them. Most of these valid coupons are gathered by us for your convenience. You may also be able to easily find other such coupons online. There is a possibility that you can actually get a coupon that gives you free access to the park for a whole year. Think of it this way; if you go to the park a lot of times in that specific year of your coupon, the amount of money you can save is out of this world.

To some people, summer is the best time to enjoy all there is at the water park. This park is located in three locations in the state of Texas. It has been in existence in Texas for more than 30 years. As a matter of fact, it has been in existence in Texas since the year 1979. In Kansas City, the park has been featured in a few Hollywood movies.

Schlitterbahn parks are a group of three parks that are very enjoyable. They are water world parks with pools, rivers, and slides that can be enjoyed by anyone. It does not matter what age you are. Geysers, waterfalls, and water cannons are also part of the parks and families can enjoy themselves to the fullest. The entry prices are not standard. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should contact the park to see if any changes have occurred. Having some Schlitterbahn Coupons can earn you a subsidy on entry.

Just because the coupons exist it does not you should follow their order. Be creative so that you can find appropriate places where you can get discounts. As we saw earlier, seasonal pass tickets look like the best offer. In addition to that, there are also Multi day tickets. The coupons can give you an opportunity of a discount that allows you to enter the park for a few hours on a specific day. In short, be in the watch out for various coupons.

You can capitalize on discounts by simply obtaining coupons online. Discounted coupons can be between the price of 2 and 10 dollars. There are times that one coupon may be used for more than one entry or you can use that coupon to grant your whole family entry into the parks for one day obviously at a discount.

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From time to time, you will come across buy one get one deals. You may also come across deals that require you to bring a friend so that you get a discount. You should pay close attention to the terms and conditions on the coupons so that you know where the discounts are applicable. Apart from that, you should also know that some discounts may not be available on weekends or at busier times of the year.

If you happen to work near the parks, you are lucky because you can get discounts from your employers. Again, if you eat from some of the eateries, you may be offered discounts. However you decide to do it, whether online or from your employer, eateries, outlets, and so on, obtaining Schlitterbahn Coupons is certainly worth your while and money.

Schlitterbahn Coupons
Schlitterbahn Waterparks & Resorts 2018 Admission Tickets

Schlitterbahn Waterparks & Resorts – 2018 ALL-DAY ONLINE DISCOUNT TICKETS

Galveston Island, Texas
South Padre Island, Texas
New Braunfels, Texas
Kansas City, Kansas

Galveston Island, Texas:
Admission Includes:

  • Use of all water attractions!
  • FREE Parking!
  • FREE use of inner tubes and life jackets!
  • PICNICS WELCOME–you can bring your own picnic baskets and coolers inside the park!

No glass containers or alcohol, please
Extra charge for Soaring Eagle Zip Line

Ticket Types

  • General Admission–Ages 12-54.
  • Child/Senior Admission–Ages 3-11 and 55 & older.
  • Two-Day Admission–Valid any two days during the season in which it was purchased.
  • Afternoon Admission–Valid after 3 p.m. during Summer Outdoor Season and after 2 p.m. during Indoor Waterpark Season. Afternoon Admission tickets are only available at the park entrance and notonline.
  • Children ages 2 and younger are FREE.

Schlitterbahn waterpark

Buy Online & Save!

  • SAVE $3 per All-Day Summer Admission – Apr 18-Oct 12, 2018
  • SAVE even more with exclusive online packages that include souvenir beach towels and drink bottles with unlimited refills!

SUMMER OUTDOOR SEASON – Apr 18-Oct 12, 2018

Ticket Gate Price Online Price Online Savings
All-Day General Admission $48.99 $45.99 SAVE $3
All-Day Child/Senior Admission $38.99 $35.99 SAVE $3
Two-Day General Admission $72.99 $69.99 SAVE $3
Two-Day Child/Senior Admission $56.99 $53.99 SAVE $3

South Padre Island, Texas:

Schlitterbahn South Padre Island Beach Summer Admission Tickets and Packages on sale NOW!

One-Day Admission – One-day admission includes the use of all water attractions, picnic facilities, inner tubes, bodyboards, and all other ride vehicles. Lifejackets and children’s tubes with
bottoms are available (quantities limited). Admission tickets do not include use of the Sea Trek attraction.

  • General Admission, Souvenir Bottle & Free Refills (12 to 54 years) $55.98
  • Child/Senior Admission, Souvenir Bottle & Free Refills (3 – 11 & 55+ years) $45.98
  • One-Day General Admission (12 – 54 years) $45.99
  • One-Day Child/Senior Admission Ticket (3 – 11 & 55+ years) $35.99

Two-Day Admission – Two-day admission is a great value if you are planning an overnight stay on the island area. In fact it’s great if you plan to visit Schlitterbahn in South Padre Island twice
during the same season since two-day tickets do not have to be used on two consecutive days. Both days of a two-day admission ticket must be used at the park where they were purchased and are not

  • Two-Day General Admission, Souvenir Bottle & Free Refills (12 to 54 years) $76.98
  • Two-Day Child/Senior Admission, Souvenir Bottle & Free Refills (3 – 11 & 55+ years) $60.98
  • Two-Day General Admission (12 – 54 years) $66.99
  • Two-Day Child/Senior Admission (3 – 11 & 55+ years) $50.99

Schlitterbahn resort

New Braunfels, Texas:

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels SUMMER Admission & Special Packages

Ticket Options Include:

  • One-Day Admission (Save $4 per ticket online!)
  • Two-Day Admission (Save up to $4 per ticket online!)

discountSpecial Packages:

  • One-Day Admission, Towel, Souvenir Bottle w/ Free Refills
  • Two-Day Admission, Towel, Souvenir Bottle w/ Free Refills
  • One-Day Admission, Souvenir Bottle w/ Free Refills
  • Two-Day Admission, Souvenir Bottle w/ Free Refills
  • One-Day Admission, Water Shoes, Souvenir Bottle w/ Free Refills
  • Two-Day Admission, Water Shoes, Souvenir Bottle w/ Free Refills

*Prices, attraction availibilty and operating hours are subject to change without notice.

Kansas City, Kansas:

Buy tickets, bundled packages and season passes online now. Learn more about these options by making a selection below. We offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

Purchase Online Tickets and Print Instantly!

General Admission – Ages 12-54

  • SAVE $5 when you buy online! Tickets valid through 9/1/2018 only.

Child/Senior Admission – Ages 3-11 or 55 & older

  • SAVE $1 when you buy online! Tickets valid through 9/1/2018 only.

Ages 2 & Younger – FREE

NOTE: Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark tickets are valid only during the season for which they are purchased and only at the Kansas City park. Not valid at other Schlitterbahn Waterparks.
10.775% sales tax is added to all items. No additional service fees!

Save money and enjoy your summer holidays